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Green is the New Black

If you love all things fashion, then you should find out more about green fashion. This is essentially a design consciousness for sustainable clothing. We are living in an age where waste can really be avoided and the growing sense of social responsibility is on our doorstep. Green fashion leads the way for the clothing industry and environmentalism, and there is a buzz in the online blogging community. It really is the new black in fashion. 

Here is our list of the top five green fashion blogs, changing the world a post at a time:

Style Eyes- This fantastic blog encourages smarter consumption and offers eco friendly advice on fashion items. Personal and engaging on all levels.

Greta Green – a visually beautiful green fashion blog, giving reviews, celebrity style updates and all things eco.

Huffington Post Ecofabulous – Moving forward towards a greener future, we love that big names such as Huffington have a page dedicated to protecting our environment.

Freewaters – helping provide water to the thirstiest people in the planet by selling excellent footwear sandals. A great initiative to take inspiration from in the fashion industry.

Seed and Sew – gives great overviews of the current topics in fashion and environmentalism. If you’re looking to read informative posts, this is the blog for you.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on green fashion and where you get the best information and styles. Click the link to view our recent blog: #RDMusicFridays – Ariana Grande and Big Sean or check back for more on social good, charitable graphic t’s and the latest in fashion.

- Shirley is the community director at BlogsRelease; where bloggers and brands engage. Here brands can share their content with thousands of bloggers worldwide and get the message spread. Connect with BlogsRelease on twitter @BlogsRelease or tweet me personally @ShiProjects.

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