#RDMusicFridays – Ariana Grande and Big Sean - Royal Dynamite

#RDMusicFridays – Ariana Grande and Big Sean

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Hey Royals,

So, we are going to jump right into it this week.

Sweet Ariana Grande and Detroit’s finest, Big Sean are a rumored new couple!

I knew these two were more than just friends. After calling off his engagement with Naya Rivera from Glee and Ariana’s recent break-up with boyfriend Jai Brooks, it was bound to happen.

We have spotted these two riding mopeds in Washington D.C. during the White House Easter Egg Roll this past year and posting the same pictures on Instagram subtly speaking about one another.

Since this is still a rumor, we are not 100% sure if these two are actually dating or just REALLY GOOD friends.

To add more fuel to the rumor mill, Ariana dropped a new single featuring her boo, Big Sean, called “Best Mistake”. Laying in all out on the line, Ariana Grande and Big Sean both pose questions about this thing called love. Is it worth staying and working it out? Or should you just let it go?

“Break-Up. Make-Up. Total waste of time. Can we make up our minds? And stop acting like this is fine.”
– Ariana Grande

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