Royal Dynamite's Top 5 Fall Fashion Essentials: Women’s Edition

Royal Dynamite's Top 5 Fall Fashion Essentials: Women’s Edition

Wondering what to purchase first for your fall wardrobe? Start here - we're breaking down our must-haves for cooler temperatures, this time for the ladies!
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I think it’s clear at this point that we are OBSESSED with fall. We live for falling leaves and cooler temperatures. Fall is also, in our opinion, when fashion really comes out to play. New designs launch in the fall, and you get to see everyone’s individual style in their choice of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Ladies, fall is really your time! Here are a few of our favorite fashion finds for women!

It’s Sweater Weather! – Need we say more? A good sweater goes far this time of year. Keep it cute, keep it cozy, am I right? Goes with jeans? Check! Wear it with your favorite pencil skirt? Check, check! You’ll never get tired of this essential and you can wear it all season.

Our Choice:  The Drop Women’s INES Chunky Rib Knit sweater, found on Amazon. Ladies, you can’t go wrong with this, and they come in so many colors.

The Go-to Denim - No wardrobe is complete without a great-fitting pair of denim jeans that you can practically wear with anything and everything! Dress it up with your favorite blouse, scarf, high-heels, or stilettos.  Whatever mood you’re in, literally anything goes with a pair of denim jeans.

Our choice: These Good American stretch jeans. Pricey? Maybe, but the promised four-way stretch means they are curve friendly and will look great all season long.

The White Button-Up Shirt - One of the many menswear-inspired staples that make up a solid wardrobe, a white button-up shirt is a total must-have that’s sure to come in handy no matter one’s individual style.

 Our choice: This relaxed-fit shirt from J-Crew will literally go with everything and will last for years. Dress it up or down: either way, this is a solid addition to your closet.

A pair of classic sunnies Do not neglect your eyes just because it’s fall! Bonus points if you can grab them in a stylish color.

Our Choice: Grab a pair of retro shades like these by Fifth + Ninth! We love this color and are ready to wear them NOW. And for $30 USD, we just may buy two.

A Classic Fall Bag – Ladies, remember: it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Just get the bag – you can explain it to your husband later (j/k, but seriously…)


The Royal Dynamite tote is the perfect addition to your fall bag lineup!

This year, grab an easy-going tote that can go everywhere with you and hold your laptop, notebook, makeup bag, etc. Switch it up by grabbing it in a unique color so it doesn’t look like everyone else’s!

Our choice: This AllSaints tote is on sale now at Nordstrom and we love it. The shape is great, the straps are reinforced so we can carry our entire lives, and the grey and dusty lilac versions somehow stands out but also goes with everything.

Fall is a great time to update your look! Don’t let the cooler temperatures get you down – take a chance and show your style. We want to know, what colors are you wearing this year? What are your favorite go-to fall fashion items?

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