Freedom Fighters Collection - Royal Dynamite

Freedom Fighters Collection

Royal Dynamite has created its new collection called "Freedom Fighters". This collection represents the famous and relentless pan-africanists who fought for Africa’s freedom. They fought for the freedom of their respective nations against our colonial masters and oppressors.

These people are known across the continent and far beyond. They are our local heroes who have become globally recognized.  They fought for our independence and against economic enslavement. People such as Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sakara to name a few.

This collection embodies that representation within its design. The front of the design has 10 important names, 5 male and 5 female. People who have helped define and shaped our culture and the future we aspire to have.

Everything you see on the t-shirt means something, like the mask at the back.. It represents a juxtaposition of elements that represent; pan africanism, African signs and inscriptions.The broken chains represent our historic bondage and freedom. The birds represent liberty, the colors, the pan African flag, and the boxed design gives it a sense of fashion and street wearability.

There is a second version to this collection which represents my home country Sierra Leone. It is the Freedom Fighters Sierra Leone Editions. With 5 names of both women and men who played a very important role in our history from pre-slavery to independence.

Here is a peek of the collection and it available now

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