We Outside: Welcome to the New Royal Dynamite

We Outside: Welcome to the New Royal Dynamite

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We Outside.

When we started Royal Dynamite over 12 years ago, we did it with a simple goal in mind: to unite our love of fashion with our love of our home, Sierra Leone.

Over the years, our goal has shifted a bit. It became clear that with all the similarities we share throughout the African Diaspora, whether you call Lagos, London, or Los Angeles home, that we still do not know all that much about each other.

That's why this year, for our latest collection, we decided to showcase the amazing students at Fourah Bay College in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Fourah Bay College was founded in 1827, and it was the first Western-style university in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We hope that when you see these faces, you see yourself. We definitely did. These faces could very well be at Howard, Clark, or Hampton. They are us, and we are them.

In this collection, we are returning to classic, timeless style for men and women. Easy to dress up or down, these styles reflect our commitment to our culture and the people we represent. We cannot wait to see you in them.

Welcome back. See you outside.





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