Royal Dynamite partners with Kei Kamara and his Heart Shaped Hands foundation

Royal Dynamite partners with Kei Kamara and his Heart Shaped Hands foundation

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Royal Dynamite has partnered with Sierra Leonean soccer star, Kei Kamara, to create a limited collection of jerseys and scarves.  Kamara is one of only ten players to have scored 100 goals in Major League Soccer (MLS) history, achieving this in only 300 appearances. Currently, he is fifth on MLS’s all-time scoring list.

This is Kamara’s first partnership with the stylish startup led by a fellow Sierra Leoneans, Cecil Williams and Raphael Saye. This collection is a seamless blend of love of the sport and love of home and is sure to be popular with soccer fans around the world.

Launching online on December 8, 2021, the collection will offer for the first time in Royal Dynamite’s history a soccer Jersey and accessories. The Jersey and the scarves will be a representation and a celebration of Sierra Leone and Kei qualifying for the African Nations Cup in Cameroon. This is monumental for Kei’s career and only the third major tournament for Sierra Leone, a country enamored with soccer, or football as it is more commonly known. The apparel will honor the country, the player and the future of Sierra Leone, its youth.

“We’re beyond excited about this collaboration, as it shows what happens when people come together to support a common cause,” says Cecil Williams, co-founder of Royal Dynamite.

In addition, this collection is in support of Kamara’s HEART SHAPED HANDS Foundation, which supports youth education in Sierra Leone. All the profits generated for the foundation from this collection will be donated towards the HSH Academy currently being built in Sierra Leone.

Built on Royal Dynamite’s strong belief in Collaborative Style for Awareness, this partnership between Kamara and Royal Dynamite proves that fashion can, and should, serve the greater good. More information about this collection can be found at



Check out what the collection and SHOP YOURS NOW

 white HSHXRD Jersey          back of Jersey with Kamara 10


Blue HSHXRD Jersey          back of blue jersy kamara 10

GWB Afcon2021 Scarf GWB AFCON 2021 Scarf


Shipping: This collection will be available online on December 8th, 2021

Can I buy In Sierra Leone?

Yes you will be able to buy it in Sierra Leone. We will be hosting a pop-up event in December,  2021 after which a limited quantity will be available for purchase at various locations in Freetown. (more information on that coming soon)

Will I get my order before the nations cup?

If you buy your jersey before December 16th online you will get your jersey and /or scarf before the start of the nations cup which starts January 9th

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship internationally, however some restrictions apply. We ship to most of Europe and Canada.

Jersey option:

The jersey comes in 2 colors. A white and a blue option. Of the 2 options you can either get them with Kamara 10 printing on the back or blank so you can go and customize it with you own name and number.





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