Cecil's Top 5 Royal Dynamite T-Shirts

Cecil's Top 5 Royal Dynamite T-Shirts

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Over the years we are proud to say we have created some really great t-shirt designs and collections. So as you can imagine it's a tough decision to choose my favorite among them. However I've compiled 5 of my favorite current tees. Let me know which one is your favorite and why in the comment section.


Freetown Red/White

Freetown Tee

Our most popular tee, probably because of what it represents; the capital city of Sierra Leone and one of the first ports of return some 230 years ago for returned slaves from Nova Scotia. This red/white is also my favorite color. It pops!

 I Got My Money On You

One of our first designs and personally my favorite. It represents having belief in someone as well as oneself to go all the way and get it done.
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Love Grendae Black Tee

      Love Grenade

Like Bruno Mars said, "I'll catch a grenade for you". I literally love this tee.
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Freedom Fighter

The Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters” represents the famous and relentless pan-africanists who fought for Africa’s freedom and within their respective nations against our oppressors. These people are known across the continent and far beyond.

        Royal Dynamite Typography Tee

 Royal Dynamite High Fashion 

This is our latest yet-to-be-released Tee. I call it the high fashion tee. Because high-end fashion houses like Fendi, Burberry et al have entered the street-wear scene and are making loud statements with t-shirts by having their name boldly across the front of tees. If I'm going to join the movement I might as well do it in mine.

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