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Cecil’s Fall and Back-To-School Favorites

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It’s about that time again! Time to head back to school! Millions of kids in the United States, and around the world, adventure back into the fortresses of their high school, college and university classrooms. Some meet this moment with excitement, others not so much. Either way, there is always one thing we are all most certainly excited for: Our back-to-school fashion!

I always remembered how exciting it was to go back to school and show off your new shoes, backpack, and even the latest gadgets you had acquired during the summer holidays; So as we go back to school this year, I’ve compiled a short list of Royal Dynamite’s “Fall Back-To-School Favorites”, based on brands we like and would make heads turn on your campus. I’d also like to wish a best of luck to two of our own: Nadia Sasso (Co-Founder/Brand/Media Specialist), Raven Gaddy (Intern extraordinaire) and the countless many other students all around the world, as they go back in style! Good luck this school year!

Here we go:

  1. Jansport Backpack: The most essential tool that every student must have. You can go simple or flashy, but either way, this brand has got you covered. I’d recommend one of their recent collaboration packs with Benny Gold. Check them out HERE.

  2.  Toms Shoes/Timberland Boots: If you live on the west coast or down south, look good while doing good and grab yourself some TOMS shoes. They are quite easy to slip on, especially when you wake up late and are running to class. Go check them out now! They have some cool back to school offers going on. Click HEREIf you are on the east coast, Timberland boots are back, and you all know what kind of statement those make! It means you’re cool and they can keep you warm in times of need. Kill 2 birds with one stone:  stay cool and warm. Get your pair HERE

  3. Desiar Sunglasses: Warm or cold weather, sunglasses have become an essential fashion staple for the everyday person. You will be invited to a lot of parties while on campus and those parties lead to late nights! You’re going to have early morning classes….see what I’m getting at now? So go check out Desiar Shades online now and get you a pair ASAP. You can find them HERE
  4. A School Logo Hoodie: What better way to stay warm and rep your school than in a school-logo hoodie or sweater? They come in handy, just when you need them! Want to make a late Walmart run? Headed down the street to your neighboring school for a frat/sorority party? or going home for the weekend to do some laundry? You get the drift, get yourself one and represent your school with pride. Head to your nearest school bookstore now! 
  5. Snapbacks: Snapback hats have been the latest trend to resurface back on the scene. Having a bad hair week? We’ve got the perfect hat for you. Go to class like Royalty in our Royal Dynamite “Royals” Snapback and stand out from the rest. This is a limited edition release in honor of our Four year anniversary! Go get yours now: Royals Snapbacks. 
  6. Now that we’ve got you looking stylish, go get them A’s! And it’s ok to squeeze in a few B and C’s, but thats about it! Good luck and all the best this semester. While you are all at it, show us your fall back-to-school style by tagging us in your pics at #RDBackToSchool. We will select one of our favorite outfits to receive an RD Mystery Box.

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