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The Freetown “En Noir” Collection

In 2014 we released The Freetown Collection to honor our heritage. It was a very limited collection, so  production quantities were very limited; not enough to go around for everyone that was interested.

Today, we’re releasing the long awaited, limited edition, Freetown collection of graphic t-shirts and hats for pre-order available starting Feb 13 to  February 23, 2015. Along with the Freetown Collection, we are launching a limited Collection called “Freetown En Noir” to aid Power Women 232 in their efforts towards fight Ebola. As we strives to promote the idea of “collaborative style for awareness”,  we have partnered with a women’s empowerment group in Sierra Leone; Power Women 232 are helping in the fight against Ebola. For every product sold, $5 will be donated to Power Women 232 to help provide care packages to healthcare workers and orphan in Sierra Leone.

Click the link to shop the limited edition t-shirt collection.

Read a bit about the city of Freetown, Sierra Leone’s rich history and learn more about why we are so excited about this collection.

Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone, was founded in 1792 as a colony for freed slaves by African-Americans, Africans and West Indians. Since the cities inception in 1792, a lot of historical events have taken place including its independence in 1961 and a ten year civil war. Today, however, with a new era and powerful generation full of energy and innovation, Freetown has yielded a new identity pushing freedom in all aspects and taking the city to higher heights!

Our Freetown collection represents this new era. Let’s FREE THE TOWN and take the back the glory days, freeing us all in good thoughts and vibes as we celebrate this wonderful city with such rich history.  Lets celebrate this Royal City by purchasing some Royal-tee’s and hats.

Wear it proud and be a representation of Freedom. Check out our last post The State Of The Union 4 – The Story Of Our Journey. Join our collaborative style movement an lets make a difference in the life of a child via fashion. Shop Now.

About PowerWomen 232

PowerWomen 232 is a network for women professionals in Sierra Leone. The network aims to bring professional women and entrepreneurs together to promote career advancement and development in all fields, through networking, leadership development, social events and community service.

 PowerWomen 232 launched a Citizens response to Ebola in Sierra Leone: “All Hands on Deck” in August 2014. The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) epidemic currently gripping our nation presents an opportunity for the PowerWomen 232 network to engage in meaningful community service. ‘All Hands on Deck’ is a drive asking ordinary citizens to contribute towards the fight by donating items for care packages. Care packages have been delivered to Ebola isolation wards at the Kenema Government Hospital, Connaught Government Hospital and St. John of God Catholic Hospital, Mabeseneh.  Deliveries will also be made to orphans in Kailahun and a selection of burial teams in across the country.

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