Happy Fourth Birthday, RD! - Royal Dynamite

Happy Fourth Birthday, RD!

Yesterday marked our four year anniversary. Woohoo!! And our founders have taken time to reflect on the past four years. It’s been an exciting journey this far and we are very excited about the future.

Cecil Williams

Yesterday, the company I started four years ago celebrates a birthday. Royal Dynamite is 4!!! It’s unbelievable to think that about 5 years ago I told a few friends and family that I would start a t-shirt line. Never did I think we would be on a mission to change the world via education and fashion; never did I think we would work with dope designers from Italy; never did I think i’d have two amazing partners in this journey; I never thought much about the journey but mostly the end goal. All I’ve ever wanted to do is succeed and contribute in changing the world, using and doing something I am passionate about.

We’ve come a long way, the challenges have been gigantic and our wins have been exhilarating! I really look forward to many more years and a momentous fifth year. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the journey. Yesterday I watched a video about our company that is yet to be released and I must say I am very excited about the future and motivated to believe that our journey will indeed make it to the top. I really appreciate all the love and support.

Raphael Saye

Four years ago yesterday, Cecil and I decided to take a leap of faith and formally register Royal Dynamite as a company in the State of California. Two months later we printed our first set of logo tees that I sold out of my trunk. To our surprise, we sold out of those tees in 3 days! At that moment we knew we were sitting on a golden idea that would eventually blossom into a brand that creates social change around the world via fashion and education. In four years, we’ve given One-For-One educational packages to four different countries around the world. That in itself is a triumph i never imagined happening. Thank God.

To those that have supported me by purchasing a tee, sharing a post, or even sending me a text of encouragement, thank you! To those that have collaborated with me, or played pivotal roles in our campaigns, I Love you. Statistics show that most businesses fail in the first five years, but Cecil, Nadia, and I are Kings and we will work like mules to ensure success. I have faith in that. Much love to all you, Royals.

Nadia Sasso

Being the last one to join the dynasty, I could not have asked to be accepted and embraced in any other family. Being with Royal Dynamite to see the company turn two, three, and now four is a big freaking deal. It’s a big deal because we rarely sit back and relish in how far we have come. All we do is go, go, go and ask; so whats next and this has to get better. But yet to think as a company we have launched initiatives from RDCares to the Artisan Abroad Program and all with your help, support, shares, and purchases; that is enough to celebrate.

If we rarely say we appreciate it, you know that we do. As a family we have traveled physically and mentally into spaces that will only make us better as individuals and in turn a prosperous company. I only hope that we continue to challenge each other to the best of our potential and continue to travel. We hope that you continue to travel with us on this journey and start preparing for our fifth year. You will want to be apart of this one. Thank you!

Thank you all and see you next year for a HUGE celebration!

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