Charitable Giving Graphic T-Shirt Company Royal Dynamite Partners with Achieve in Africa

Charitable Giving Graphic T-Shirt Company Royal Dynamite Partners with Achieve in Africa

Charitable Giving Graphic T-Shirt Company Royal Dynamite Partners with Achieve in Africa

March 04, 2020    /      Cecil Williams    /    0 comments

LOS ANGELES, CA - Education can alleviate poverty, hunger and the AIDS epidemic in Africa and so Royal Dynamite, a collaborative and unique t-shirt company that combines popular culture and community, has joined forces with the nonprofit Achieve in Africa.

To help improve education in rural Africa, the two organizations have come together provide children with the opportunity to reach their full potential, lead better lives and inspire future generations. Royal Dynamite has agreed to extend it’s one-for-one give back program: RD Cares to reach students at an overcrowded primary school and the first secondary school at a rural Tanzanian village that has been funded and built by the Achieve in Africa initiative.

For each graphic t-­shirt purchased, Royal Dynamite will donate an educational care package to the children in need at these schools, and Achieve in Africa is helping spread the word. Each package will be customized depending on the needs of students and the two groups are working to purchase the needed items locally from Olasiti village.

To make a lasting impact over time, Achieve in Africa is working to provide a community learning center and equip these two schools with electricity. Current efforts are focused on constructing more classrooms and desks to expand the secondary school, that currently serves more than 800 students.

About Achieve in Africa

Achieve in Africa was started when founder Brendan Callahan first went on a relief trip to Tanzania in the summer of 2007 and witnessed the lack of educational infrastructure in the country firsthand. He was inspired by the children’s enthusiasm for learning, despite the distressed state and lack of schools. Achieve in Africa run solely by volunteers and 95% of all donations are directed for program expenses.

About Royal Dynamite

Royal Dynamite's collaborative, unique fashionable t-shirts combine popular culture, community and social responsibility to create educational awareness. Our main message is collaborative style for awareness; that involves partnerships with businesses, brands and artists to facilitate social change and self-expression through fashion.

Visit Royal Dynamite for the latest in charitable graphic t-shirts and Achieve in Africa for how they’re addressing poverty and education in Africa. To become a sponsor of the RD Cares program or to learn more about how your t-shirt purchase can help provide a child in need with an educational package, email


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