The Co-Founder Chronicles


Cecil “Valentine” Williams
The Creative Mastermind

With calculating resilience, Cecil Williams has chosen to distinguish himself as an entrepreneur, destined to achieve success.His resilience shines through the various obstacles he has taken with his family to survive. At the age of 13, Williams along with his family were forced to move to The Gambia due to the horrific civil war in his home country Sierra Leone. In “pursuit of happiness,” Williams moved to the US four years later, at the age of 18. Read More... 


Raphael “Ralph Diesel” Saye
The Operations Guru

Raphael Saye, a goal oriented, ambitious entrepreneur and motivator was born in Atlanta and raised in Los Angeles by his immigrant mother from Sierra Leone. Tired of the constant cycle of hurdling obstacles on a daily basis, he pursued a nursing career by attending California State University Dominguez Hills and graduated with honors. Later in 2010, Raphael joined forces with good friend Cecil Williams and started Royal Dynamite, a community-based t-shirt company that collaborates with other creative brands and businesses and brings awareness to educational disparities globally, starting with Sierra Leone. Read More...

Nadia "IamNadiaMarie" Sasso
The Fashionista

For Nadia Sasso, the connection to the African Diaspora has always been strong. Born in America to parents who emigrated from Sierra Leone, Sasso is a leader in building cultural connections and fostering civic responsibility. In 2010, she co-founded Yehri Wi Cry (YWC), an organization that distributes birthing kits in Sierra Leone to increase the successful birth and delivery rates for women. Now, she is a fashion consultant and the new media strategist for Royal Dynamite. Read More...

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