The RDCares Program was born from the heart of Royal Dynamite founders, who felt the dire need to give back to their home country Sierra Leone after their visit in late 2010.
It is no secret that the small West African country has an abundance of natural resources with lush, fertile land for agriculture, miles of breathtaking sandy beaches, and beautiful towering mountains that serve as home to a wide variety of wildlife. Yet, despite all the country natural wealth, they were startled by the increasing prevalence of illiteracy, unemployment, and poverty, particularly amongst the youth.

This visit made entrepreneurs Cecil Williams and Raphael Saye decide that they will create and use a sustainable platform to invest in the future of Sierra Leone children. They stayed true to that promise as they immediately established the RDCares Program as soon as they returned to the US.

RDCares started as a one-for-one give-back program geared at empowering and supporting school children growing up in marginalized and low-income communities around the world. 
RDCares has sent more than 500 educational care packages for distribution among organizations throughout Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, and the US. Royal Dynamite works with the following organizations: The Visao Foundation, Excelling Youth Educational Scholarship Program (EYES), The Wilberforce Primary School, Achieve in Africa, Follow My Steps Foundation—and Creating Aspiring Personalities for Success.

How does this work?  For each t-shirt or product purchased, Royal Dynamite donates money into its RDCares fund. The goal is to increase literacy rates and entrepreneurial exposure among the youth in underserved communities across the world. We do this every quarter by partnering with a non-profit
organization that shares the same beliefs and goals.

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