Raphael “Ralph Diesel” Saye
The Operations Guru

Born in Atlanta and raised in California by his immigrant mother from Sierra Leone, Raphael Saye possessed the entrepreneurial spirit early on. His most recognizable endeavor is Royal Dynamite, a community-based t-shirt company that collaborates with other creative brands and businesses to bring awareness and support to educational issues globally.After witnessing Sierra Leone’s missing educational links first hand in 2010, Saye dedicated his efforts to using revenue generated from the company t-shirt sales to provide the necessary tools for school children around the world in the form of educational care packages.

In his current role, he handles all business operations and focuses on creating growth and recognition for the company through corporate partnerships. Prior to starting Royal Dynamite, Saye held positions with Sears and AutoZone as a regional trainer. He has a nursing license from California State University Dominguez Hills.

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