Cecil “Valentine” Williams
The Creative Mastermind

Influential, energetic and passionate, Cecil Williams is a social entrepreneur determined to raise awareness about education and other dire social causes that affect underprivileged women and children in impoverished nations. As the creative mastermind behind Royal Dynamite—an urban clothing line all about self-expression and charitable giving—Williams has developed a company that fosters social entrepreneurship while facilitating social change. Williams, a proud Sierra Leonean, had to flee his home country and relocate to Gambia at the age of 13 due to the horrific civil war going on.

In pursuit of happiness, he moved to the United States four years later with the vision of creating a more sustainable future.His entrepreneurial pursuit is in full gear. Since co-creating Royal Dynamite in 2010, he has worked in various capacities as a customer service representative, fashion designer, technology liaison and retail executive. Williams has helped the company create jobs by employing a staff of 10 and sell more than 3,000 graphic t-shirts that benefit children in need across the world.His life reflects a journey grounded in modesty and guided by excellence. Williams has a bachelor's degree in business management from California State University Long Beach.

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