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About Design: Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone, was founded in 1792 as a colony for freed slaves by African-Americans, Africans, and West Indians. Since the city's inception in 1792, a lot of historical events have taken place including its independence in 1961 and a ten year civil war. Today however, with a new era and powerful generation full of energy and innovation, Freetown has yielded a new identity pushing freedom in all aspects and taking the city to higher heights! Our Freetown collection represents this new era. Let's FREE THE TOWN and take back the glory days, freeing us all in good thoughts and vibes as we celebrate this wonderful city with such rich history. Let celebrate this Royal City by purchasing this Royal snapback hat. Wear it proud and be a representation of Freedom.

Artist: Royal Dynamite Design Team

Description: This limited edition (Color) snapback hat is made of premium 100% cotton. Quality FREETOWN embroidery in white on front of the cap and "Royal Dynamite" embroidered on the back.

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