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January 27, 2014


Support Royal Dynamite Co-Founder Nadia Sasso’s Indiegogo Campaign ‘Am I’ That Educates on Ethnic and Cultural Identities

LOS ANGELES, CA - Royal Dynamite co-founder and award-winning filmmaker Nadia Sasso launched a 30-day crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on January 9, 2014 to raise funds for her ‘Am I’ master’s thesis film documentary. Inspired by her family, friends and mother, Sasso—of Sierra Leone—was inspired to push the boundaries in conversations on educating people about ethnic and cultural identities.

The main theme of the documentary centers around the questions: Am I Too African to be American? Am I Too American to be African?

Sasso, who is the fashionista and social media strategist behind the hip urban clothing line Royal Dynamite, has followed the lives of eight women of West African descent and is documenting their unique stories about identity and the tensions they have experienced between their West African and

American cultural heritages. The film explores their personal conflicts with identifying culturally, racially, and ethnically, religiously, politically, socially, and creatively via media. This film will show the struggle evoked by having a global and local mindset that are sometimes in tension with each other—a fact that often sets each of these women apart from their peers.Sasso interviewed the following women: Vickie Remoe, Ajara Bomah, Mariama Jalloh-Heyward, Saran Lan Jabbie, Yeniva Sisay-Sogbeh, Odunayo Adeoye, Ami Dumbuya and Issa Rae. She also interviewed Dr. Cecil Blake from University of Pittsburgh Africana Studies Department and Dr. Yaba Blay of Drexel University’s Africana Studies Department for expert advice on the topic.

One anticipated outcome of this film is to generate qualitative insights into the fusion of US and African experiences as well as new identity formations for those immigrants beyond the first generation. Once the project is complete, Sasso hopes to develop a curriculum for high school and college students to discuss the film and provide additional readings books to be used as an educational tool in the classroom and beyond.

Help her in this pursuit by donating to this crowdfunding campaign today or by posting on social media with the hashtag #AmItheFilm.

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