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NAME: NADIA SASSOnadia-corners.png

BIO: Nadia Sasso’s connection to the African Diaspora has always been strong. Born in America to parents who emigrated from Sierra Leone, Sasso is a leader in establishing social and entrepreneurial connections across cultures” and fostering civic responsibility. In 2010, she co-founded Yehri Wi Cry (YWC), an organization that distributes birthing kits in Sierra Leone to increase the successful delivery rates for women. Now, she is a fashion consultant and the new media strategist for Royal Dynamite.

Sasso’s belief that innovation is inspired by collaboration derives from her first hand experiences as she spearheaded the corporate social responsibility initiative at Royal Dynamite that gives back to those in need. For every t-shirt purchased, the company donates an educational care package to children around the world. The initiative has touched more than 300 organizations in countries across the globe.

Named by Katie Couric as being amongst the “Next Generation of Female Leaders,” Sasso also received the Young African Committed to Excellence Award by Face2Face Africa magazine. She is the 2013 recipient of the Posse Foundation’s Ainslie Alumni Achievement Award where she was honored for her commitment to social responsibility and her ability to inspire others.

Sasso has a dual bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology from Bucknell University and a master’s degree in American Studies with a certification in Documentary Film from Lehigh University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Africana Studies with a minor in Film Studies from Cornell University.

"I don't want to be the leader that only does great things, but rather get people to do the greatest things."

AGE: 25






  1. Am I: “Too African to be American or Too American to be African”

    - Nadia interviewed seven women of West African descent and documented their unique stories about identity and the tensions they have experienced between their West African and American cultural heritage(s). This film generates qualitative insights into the fusion of US and African experiences as well as several critical suggestions for new identity formations among those immigrants beyond the first generation. This film also shows how the women experience their transnational identities via language, culture and acclimation.
  2. The Power of Women Through Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Education

    Sasso comes from a background of strong leadership as a Posse scholar and global community activist. Sasso has been recognized by Katie Couric, The Posse Foundation, Face to Face Africa, etc. as an innovative social entrepreneur.  As a co-founder of Royal Dynamite, Sasso has learned valuable lessons and now shares them with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

  3. The Power of Digital Storytelling (Exploring Media as Tool of Teaching, Sharing and Creating)

    In the world we live in today, media is an important forum for teaching and learning. Sasso is a brand curator, digital storyteller and social entrepreneur. She uses blogging and documentaries as powerful communicative tools to reach audiences in different continents. She continues to speak on relatable issues and/or topics that challenge one’s way of thinking.

  4. Being a Hybrid Creative (Mixing Fashion, Art, Literature, Music and Film)

    - Being a digital storyteller, social entrepreneur, brand curator, and scholar is how Sasso has become a hybrid creative. All of her talents and skills intertwined create dynamic projects and she encourages others to do the same. In the 21st century, innovation is key and mixing different fields, genres, and disciplines produces a competitive advantage.