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Design Submissions

How do I submit my designs?

To submit a design or artwork for a contest you have to log on to www.royaldynamite.com go to the “design contests” link find the contest you want to enter and click “submit design”. This will take you to our wildfire app, which is hosted on FB, so you have a have a Facebook account to submit artwork. Upload your artwork unto a mock up t-shirt and then follow the instruction to upload your artwork in the acceptable format and wait for approval notification and then you can tell the world about your submission so they can vote for your design. 

What should I use to design my artwork?

The most popular design software’s are adobe Photoshop and illustrator, if you use another software that’s ok as long as you are able to submit it in an acceptable format.

Do I have to live in the U.S to submit artwork?

No you don’t, Royal Dynamite is a global brand and we strive to promote design from artist all over the world. So If you can design it you can submit it.

I just submitted my design but don’t see it on the voting platform?

All design need to be approved by the Royal Dynamite team before they are posted up for voting. The extra step helps us verify that your artwork meets our requirements. Please allow a minimum of 24-48 hours and up to 7 days for us to approve you work. When you artwork is approved or declined we will notify you via email.

Why was my design rejected before it went up for voting?

Oh boy, its always so hard to say no to people especially when we are trying to build a great community, however sometimes we have to play enforcer to make sure things flow smooth and fair for all. With that in mind, we do sometimes have to decline certain submissions. Here are some reasons why you design was rejected:

  • You design does not fit the contest theme
  • Your design is not original artwork that was designed by you
  • You design does not meet the standards to make it unto the contest platform.
  • You design contains profanity and/or language and imagery that is unacceptable to Royal Dynamite and its partners.
  • All artwork must be your own original unpublished artwork and must contain no Trademarks, logos or copyrighted material. If you design does not comply to these then it will be rejected.
  • You design will not be able to be printed on our shirt due to complicated artwork or design process.

Hopefully this should not discourage you to submit artwork. We encourage all artist to be as original as possible so we can run a clean, friendly and competitive contest. So lets have some fun and start submitting. If you are still unclear you can read our Terms and Conditions or contact us at support@royaldynamite.com

How are winning designs chosen?

Wining designs are chosen using 2 main criteria: By popular vote, which are averaged out to determine the winning design. Also for some of our contests, there will be judges to determine the winning design out of a pool of contest designs. If for any reason we think a design deserves to be printed but has low votes, we will make a Royal Decision, select it and inform the artist that their design will be printed for compensation.

What are your voting rules and who can vote?

In order to vote you must register and have a a Royal Dynamite account and like us on Facebook. Other than those requirements, voting is open to anyone who happens to find themselves in our Royal Kingdom.

How long is the voting period for a contest?

The voting period depends on the contest, theme and agreement with our partners. The minimum duration for a contest will be 7 days and the maximum time is to be determined on a contest-by-contest basis.

What happens to my design if I don’t win the competition?

Everyone’s a winner for submitting, however only one person can win each contest. So If you design doesn’t win It will be archived and if we ever chose to use it for any reason whatsoever we will notify the artist before we do.

I’ve used my design for other projects, can I submit it to a Royal Dynamite contest?

Yes you can, as long as it’s an originally created design and it has never been used for commercial purposes before.

My design won, what happens next?

You will be notified if you have the winning design and the necessary back-end work will be done to make sure we have the right files ready for print. Your payment will be made via PayPal before we send your design to print.

What are my right to my artwork after winning?

If your design gets selected for print, the artist is giving exclusives right to print and sell it on Royal Dynamite apparel. You will be compensated as promised for the use of your design. Also once your design is chosen and printed on our Royal-tees, you cannot use for commercial use. Please refer to our legal terms & Conditions for our design contests.

What Do I get in return for winning a design contest?

Drum roll. This is the juiciest part of this whole FAQ’s section. Are you ready for it? The winning design will get cash; a minimum of $250 depending on the contest and our partners, obviously the winning design will be printed and sold on our site and other sales avenues. They artist will also get 2 free t-shirts, one from their wining design and a logo t-shirt. Artists and their design will also get exposure on our online store, blog, Facebook, twitter, pinterest, flickr and other media outlets. Payments will be made to artists via PayPal and you will be notified via email of the entire process. If you have any questions email us at support@royaldynamtie.com