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Brand Ambassadors

The brand ambassador programs is created for fans and customers passionate about the Royal Dynamite brand and are willing to share, embrace and engage the brand by sharing their love for the brand to their sphere of influence in return for special and exclusive rewards.

How do I become a Brand Ambassador?

Go to the Brand Ambassador page and fill out the form and someone will get back to you with all the information required for this fun and exciting program.

What Do I get for being a brand ambassador?

  • $2 credit for every t-shirt sold
  • 1 t-shirt every quarter
  • Exclusive sneak peaks on new products
  • Opinion surveys on what the brand should be doing (tell us what you want and we will make it happen)
  • Special discounts to share with you friends
  • Limited edition Royal-tees (T-shirts and other RD merchandise)

What’s is required of me?

You just have to be 18 and over and live somewhere we can mail your stuff to with no hassle. Oh the most critical part of it all is you have to help us promote the brand as much as possible. Your friends think you’re cool, we think you’re cool so lets all be cool together and get the word out about how cool Royal Dynamite is.

How do I get rewarded?

To get rewarded we will provide you with a code, which is unique to you, which you will provide your friends and circles with. Every time this code gets used your friends will get a $3 discount of their purchase and you will earn $2. You can cash out in 2 ways.

  1. You can get paid every quarter with a payment made via paypal totaling the amount of times your code was used.
  2. You can use your total winnings as RD Currency, which is retrievable with t-shirts. When your winnings amount to the cost of a t-shirt take your pick and we will mail it out.